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Italian silk fibers are best cleaned by a mild all natural solution to prevent deterioration and color loss!


9 months ago
I'm very happy with the services I received from Naturally Green. Bryan was great! On time, very friendly and the price is unbeatable. My carpets have never looked this amazing. Thank you for a great job.
- Cesar R
9 months ago
Excellent job bringing older carpets with some stains to a like new apperance now my carpets look amazing. Will be using them again for upholstery cleaning.
- Gerard H
3 years ago
These guys do a great job! I've used Bryan and Naturally Green for many years to clean both my carpets and my couch. He always does an amazing job and gets everything super clean, and he's very conscious about using all natural cleaning agents and no chemicals. Plus he's a nice guy, very professional and respectful of my home. I would highly recommend Bryan and Naturally Green!
- MediaHorse L

About us

You can have clean carpets & upholstery, safe from harmful chemicals, gentle enough for kids, pets, and people with allergies. Naturally Green Cleaning's cleaning solutions were specially formulated over several years by the owner Bryan Angstman.

We provide the best customer service for those looking for professional carpet cleaning services. We bring our expertise in natural and organic cleaning products to every task you have for us to perform. Everyone wants to have a clean home and workplace.

If you choose to use a low moisture carpet cleaning service in this situation, it is recommended that you work with a company that does deep water extraction carpet cleaning. This is where the dirt and debris are sucked out of the carpet using a powerful vacuum. This technique is very effective at removing tough stains, grease, and dirt. The solution is then recovered along with the dirty water. You will not have to worry about leaving behind a stain, as the dirt and grime has been completely extracted from the carpet.  

Steam is not green cleaning! Water is becoming a precious resource and we need to avoid polluting it as much as possible. Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning uses 2-5 gallons of water per 1000 square feel of carpet while Steam Cleaning will use 50 to 80 gallons of water per 1000 square feet. 

My quest for organic cleaning solutions began when I was working at the University of Minnesota for the Department of Environmental Health and Safety, where we did sick building syndrome investigation. One thing I noticed while doing these investigations was that certain cleaning solutions were bothering people with allergies or sensitivities. 

This was one of the major reasons I began an all-natural carpet cleaning business. I knew that cleaning with natural organic products was better for people’s health. I thought I could offer people a healthy alternative.  

Never satisfied with the ordinary, we have gone on to develop unique products and cleaning systems for specialty carpet, rug and upholstery fabrics. From our carpet cleaning services to developing an ideal upholstery cleaner, we have stayed committed to natural, organic, green solutions, But our main goal with all these products is cleaning for the health of our clients.

Covid disinfection is a highly successful cleaning process that is used to kill the bacteria and germs that cause serious illnesses. There are three stages in this type of cleaning, the first of which involves cleaning the area that is to be disinfected and the second stage of cleaning it again, this time with an antibacterial cleaner.

Cleaning the surfaces of the house is not enough. It is also necessary to make sure that you disinfect all surfaces that come into contact with the virus. This includes all surfaces, such as countertops, tables, shelves, curtains, and clothing. It is advisable to use a disinfectant that is certified for house surfaces. This will ensure that no traces of the virus will remain.

Viruses are tricky. Once they have infected a surface, it can be quite difficult to completely remove them. For this reason, many individuals have been forced to call in professional disinfectants when faced with how to clean covid. 

For this reason, it is important to practice good cleaning habits. Wiping spills constantly and ensuring that surfaces are disinfected as soon as they have been made is the best way to keep the virus from contaminating surfaces.

When dealing with a virus, it is essential to protect yourself from it. This means not sharing personal items with other individuals and avoiding direct contact with surfaces that have been infected. In general, the less contact that is made, the better chance you have of avoiding the virus. Therefore, using a hand sanitizer on a daily basis is one way to protect yourself from the spread of the virus.

At Naturally Green Cleaning, we do two types of cleaning for Covid:

  • Preventative Disinfecting
  • Coronavirus Confirmed Cleaning

Unlike regular janitorial services, we do a far better job and even certify the premises with a written certificate. Our services are so thorough, that we could also clean the streets of Skid Row! 

Of the two types, the preventative COVID cleaning Los Angeles is the most important because this stops the virus from spreading before it starts. Coronavirus Confirmed case cleaning is essential as well, but this is reacting to a threat already present. You want to be as proactive as possible. 

Carpet cleaning involves removing allergens, stains, dirt, and other contaminants from carpet fibers. There are many different types of carpet cleaning equipment available for carpet cleaning. Common ways to clean carpets are steam cleaning, dry-cleaning, and dry-vacuuming.  

Carpet cleaning services often include steam cleaning or shampooing along with the carpet-cleaning services. Steam cleaning helps remove germs and dirt that have built up in your carpets and rugs. Shampooing helps remove pet stains from carpets and rugs, as well as dirt and mold that has collected in them. Professional carpet cleaning services use these services to maintain the quality of your carpets and rugs.

Studies have even shown that earth-friendly, low moisture carpet cleaning can nearly double the life of the carpet in your home or business. This treatment can extend a carpet's expected lifetime to thirteen years as opposed to the eight years you might expect from conventional cleaning. We offer an organic, safe, non-toxic cleaning solution for your carpet that works better than conventional carpet cleaning while extending the life of your carpet at an affordable price.

Steam carpet cleaners work by using hot water extraction. This technique helps to loosen dirt and muck trapped between carpet strands. Hot water extraction also helps to sanitize the carpet and remove smells. The chemicals used by steam carpet cleaners are designed to strip the dirt without causing damage to carpets and rugs. If you are considering cleaning your carpets or rugs, be sure to call professional carpet cleaners for quality services that will leave your home or office looking beautiful.  

Mattress cleaning should be done every six months if not more often. This is because some of the dirt and dust will stick to the surface of the mattress over time and cause a lot of problems for the bed. There is also the possibility that the bed may become very uncomfortable and it may make you want to throw it out or buy another one.   

Professional cleaners know just how to use powerful vacuums to remove all kinds of stains and soils on your mattress. They will be able to clean the entire mattress, including the box spring, the inner foam, the cushions, the frame, the upholstery, the mattress cover, the sheets, and blankets. This allows them to thoroughly clean your bed and remove any stains that may have been embedded deep within the fibers of the bed. 

Carpet cleaning services are available from professional carpet cleaning companies. These companies use harsh chemicals and tools to clean rugs and carpets. However, this might not be a good idea for your home. 

Traditional rug cleaning products can take up to five or six hours to dry because of the excessive amount of water they use. When excess water is soaking in your rugs and padding, mold begins to appear before the floor covering can dry. 

Children and pets are most vulnerable to these harmful chemicals. They spend the most time in close contact to our rugs, and are most likely to inhale these toxic products. 

People who own pets and have children are more likely to need rug cleaning services, however, as their rugs are constantly being exposed to spills and other soils. Our non-toxic carpet cleaning system takes the worry out of cleaning up after your little loved ones.  

Sofa cleaning is often considered as the process of restoring and fully disinfecting the sofa to make it into its prime and new condition. In most cases, the color is also restored and revitalized making them look as new even after a professional cleaning has been offered to them by professionals.  

There are two types of stain removal process, one involves chemical substances and the other involves the use of products that can penetrate the stains. There is a third method, which uses mechanical means to extract the stain. Let's see how these work. Pet odor is usually caused by chemicals that are sprayed or put in the pet's waste. 

The liquid can sometimes also contain traces of bacteria that can produce foul odors on the carpet. These chemicals are often used by animal shelters for keeping the pet away from the home and also for controlling the infection of the pets. In most cases, the urine and the pet odor are removed when the pet is adopted.

These professional companies use the liquid extraction system, which is usually effective in removing the pet odor and the stained area. You can find these companies using a strong vacuum to suck up the water and the residue that is left behind after the extraction is done. 

What exactly is upholstery cleaning anyway? Upholstery cleaning is what it sounds like, cleaning the upholstery of your furniture, or fabric, usually around the edges. It differs greatly from other household cleaning. 

The most common services provided by upholstery cleaning businesses are stain removal and deep cleaning. When dealing with stains, the most important thing is making sure the upholstery cleaning compounds are properly and fully diluted. Some spots, such as pet stains, are more difficult to remove than others. If the chemicals aren't totally diluted, then they may not be able to remove the stain in any way. By employing an upholstery cleaning company that has experience, you'll be able to be certain to get the stain removed properly.  

Do you own a business or are planning to open a business? If so, you may want to consider commercial cleaning services to keep your business clean and well-maintained. The right commercial cleaning company can make your business look more professional and enhance your customer experience. Here are some considerations that you will want to keep in mind when choosing a commercial cleaner.

The difference between fragrance-free and unscented (a non- scientific explanation): Fragrance- free means that no artificial (synthetic) fragrances have been added to the product to make it “smell good” or to mask an existing fragrance. It may still have a very faint scent that is derived from its ingredients. Unlike unscented that may be formulated to have no smell but can contain ingredients that do have a smell which was neutralized or masked by other chemicals. It is important that you know that neither term is backed by legal definition or FDA regulation.  

Our commitment to our services and persian rug cleaning is a client and customer-centered commitment. Over the years we have cleaned more rugs than you can possibly imagine in Van Nuys. The satisfaction of our clients is the core of our values, that’s why we’ve been in business for years in the LA area. Our rug cleaning orders are taken seriously by our staff because we know the value of rugs and the fact that they need precise care.  

Oriental rug cleaning is vital because it provides protection and adds aesthetic value to your house. The rugs do not only serve as great decoration pieces but also as comfortable floor coverings. It is however important that these rugs are taken care of so that they do not get damaged. Oriental rug cleaning usually involves dry cleaning or steaming. Most professionals do dry cleaning. 

Ideally, oriental rug cleaning should be performed at least once a year. If however, it's being utilized in a high-traffic section then cleaning bimonthly is advisable. To determine whether your rug requires to be washed, or not, gently brush your hand over it for just about 10 seconds. 

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